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Welcome to
Real Life Nutrition

You are in the right place if...​

✓  You are tired of not knowing what's for dinner.

✓  Feeding your family well is important to you.

✓  You are looking for ideas to get organized and take charge of family meals.

✓ You are a hard-working busy mom overwhelmed with mealtime responsibilities.​​

✓  You want to enjoy meals with your family and let go of the guilt & stress.

Are you a hard-working, busy mom struggling with mealtimes?


Real Life Nutrition strives to end guilt and chaos, and feelings of being overwhelmed by supporting you in making meal planning and preparation easier.


I’m not saying it’s your job to feed your family. What I’m saying is that we need to put some responsibility on the others in our homes. When everyone helps out, it eases your workload and your stress!


Join me, along with other moms, on this journey, to find your peace and joy in eating and feeding your family. 


Meet Janine LaForte, RD
My name is Janine LaForte. I am the face behind Real Life Nutrition. As a Registered Dietitian of 21+ years, I have supported many families through their journey to end mealtime chaos and get back to the joy of eating.

I have three kids of my own and can personally relate to challenges around feeding a family. I get what real life is like!

My goal with Real Life Nutrition is to share with you my experience and wisdom, and some tips and tricks I've picked up along the way. I hope to empower you with nutrition knowledge and simple meal ideas. But most importantly, I'll help you to relax, by showing you how everything can fit in moderation.

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